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Sirpa Luukkonen

Artistic artisan

I am a creative artisan whose hobby little by little turned into a job. I have been told that I have been artistic since I was a child. When I was just a couple of years old, my dad was trying to put me to sleep but fell asleep before me. As an active girl, I found a pen in his pocket and drew some nice patterns on the wall.

My products include interior design and art ceramics, paintings, cards and courses. I always strive for functionality.

Ceramics for elegant interiors

I began in 1996 and started a business with my own trade name in 2004. Since 2007, I have had a rented studio outside my own house, first in Huittinen in an old creamery. Now, I still work in Huittinen, but have moved into an old printing house.

I get inspiration from nature as my product names illustrate: Shoot, Birch and Sprig. My customers are mainly middle-aged wealthy women. Nowadays, I also have male customers as well as various municipalities (such as Huittinen) and different associations.

Highlights of my entrepreneurial career:

– My ceramic table cloth won the Best New Product Award in 2005 in the national happening for Finnish artisans and handicrafts professionals in Tampere

– Satakunta Arts and Crafts Association awarded me with the Artisan’s Crown in 2010

– The Entrepreneurs of Huittinen selected me as the entrepreneur of the year 2012.